African Bride Under Fire for Marrying Wealthy 92-year-old Man


An African bride has come under fire after after a picture emerged of her marrying a ‘wealthy’ businessman more than 60 years her senior.

Charity Mumba, 29, originally from Zambia, tied the knot with 92-year-old South African Peter Grooves.

Mr Grooves, has been described as a ‘very rich man’ after making his fortune in stocks and shares but his total wealth is not clear.

Their follows a spate of marriages in South Africa, where there has been a reported trend of young Zambia women travelling to the country in search of wealthy, elderly husbands.

And after a picture of the nuptials was shared online, it went viral in South Africa with people saying they were shocked by the age-gap.

Writing on Facebook, Mtokolo Limpo said: ‘Zambian women are a disgrace, you come all the way to dine with an old man.

‘What special attention are you going to give him apart from sucking up his money.’

Nice couple, I see nothing wrong if they love each other

While Longlu Vlami added: ‘It is sad that women nowadays don’t know how to work hard but just find a life with a finished old man, very soon he is dying and she will inherit his riches.’

And Mercy Nhlovu added: ‘That girl must be taken back to Zambia. Rubbish!’

But not everybody was against the match as Tulani Zulu’ commented: ‘Nice couple, I see nothing wrong if they love each other.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail